Surely we don’t deserve Boris as PM

How has it come to this? How, of all the people in the country, has one of the least suitable for the role ended up as Prime Minister?

He doesn’t have the interests of the country at heart. The only thing he has ever been interested in is furthering his own political career. The only reason he publicly supported Brexit was to help him wrest control of the Conservative Party, which he knew he needed to do in order to become Prime Minister. Now he has achieved his personal goals, it’s time for him to step down and move away from public life before he destroys the country.

He has lost every vote he has faced in parliament, as well as a high profile court case, and his party’s majority in the house. He hasn’t yet come up with anything different to offer the EU in the Brexit negotiations and time is fast running out. He’s held hostage by the far-right factions of the Tory party, upon whose support he relies to keep him in the job, yet their extreme version of Brexit is unacceptable to the majority of parliament and much of the general public.

Most of all, he just looks, seems and sounds incompetent and presents an image of Britain that is an embarrassment to behold. I don’t know who might replace him if he goes, but surely anyone else would do a better job and be more suited to the role. The most frightening thing of all is that there are actually many people out there who have voted for Johnson in elections, and who approve of him as Prime Minister. The mind boggles.

I suppose that in a democracy the electorate get the politicians they deserve, so perhaps we do deserve him as our leader, but that seems a little harsh on the 57.6% of the turnout who voted against the Conservatives in the last general election. Therein lies the problem. Our unfair first-past-the-post system skews the results. We really need proportional representation so that every vote counts towards representation in parliament and perhaps then the good people of this country wouldn’t have to suffer the ignominy of being represented by the current incumbent at number 10.