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Walkers Christmas Pudding crisps review

These Walkers Christmas pudding flavour crisps are described as ‘sweet & spiced’ on the packet, as you’d expect for something claiming to replicate the taste of that traditional Christmas dessert. Upon unsealing the bag, a quick sniff inside reveals an indistinct but mildly festive aroma and the initial taste sensation is of a sweetness that […]

Jordans Frusli Raisins and Hazelnuts

The wrapper describes this one as a ‘wholegrain oat cereal bar with raisins and chopped roasted hazelnuts’. It’s a decent effort from Jordans, but doesn’t have any distinguishing features to set it apart from the field. It’s fine on the flavour front, but texture wise it could do with being a little more cohesive. I […]

Cadbury Brunch Bar (Raisin)

Size: 32g Pack Size: 6 Pack Price: £1.99 (20/08/2020) Verdict: (4/5) This bar is described on the wrapper as “bursting with raisins, oats and a drizzle of honey” and it does live up to its billing. There’s plenty of fruit in it and the taste is great. The texture is also very pleasing as it’s […]

Tesco Honey Granola Bar

Size: 30g Pack Size: 6 Pack Price: £0.89 (19/08/2019) Verdict: (1/5) This bar is nothing to write home about. It’s pretty bland – there’s only the merest hint of honey flavour – and it’s a bit too crumbly to eat without making a mess. Not much good at a desk or out on a run. […]