Wine Route Tempranillo Garnacha Rosé

  • Wine: Wine Route Tempranillo Garnacha Rosé
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Valdepeñas
  • Year: not supplied
  • Grapes: Tempranillo & Garnacha
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Bottle top: screw cap
  • Price: £7
  • Purchased: Tesco
  • Rating:

Tasting Notes

We got this wine as part of the Tesco Finest ‘dine in for £10’ meal deal, so it’s pretty good value considering it’s priced at £7 if bought alone, whereas you also get a main, side dish and dessert included in the deal.

Obviously they don’t put the best wines into this sort of deal, and I’m not sure it’s one that I’d buy outside of the deal, or pay the full £7 for, but it is perfectly drinkable.

It’s a blend of tempranillo and garnacha grapes and the label describes it as ‘a delicious and refreshing slightly sweet rosé bursting with raspberry and strawberry flavours’. It’s far from being my favourite rosé as it’s a little bit sweeter than my palate would like, but not so much as to make it unpleasant. I doubt I’ll make a habit of buying it other than as part of a meal deal though.